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    Idea for a Secret World....


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    Idea for a Secret World.... Empty Idea for a Secret World....

    Post  Viku on Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:50 pm

    I was thinking why don't put something awesome and give the players one extra secret world after beating the game? Maybe it could be a SNS surprise (I will make a thread about my ideas for SNS later).

    The World

    The world would be called "Jiggywood" or "Banjowood" (If you can think in a better name, go ahead) and like you must guess it, it was thought about Hollywood.

    the world would be one big Movie Studio with lots of Movie sets that could be based on some of the game's world (I know WWW already looks like a fake wester world and in here it would look like that too, but it would be fun to see the OTHER worlds like that as well) and some generic-themed sets.

    Ignoring the world-themed sets for a moment, the world at least have to have a Western Set, a Si-fi Set, a War-themed Set, a Horror Fil Set, a set involving a ship (maybe something spoofing pirates of the Caribean), a Gigant Monster Set and a big theatre for some kind of musical film. also, if you have more ideas for sets, please tell...

    As baddies we could put tougher versions of enemies from other worlds, baddies dressed with awful costumes or maybe even dressed as Banjo characters.

    Also, outside the sets would be some actor trailers, big posters of diferent and ridiculous movies (we could go nuts with the movie parodies we could make), a big animatronic-kind of monster ditched somewhere and a hughe water tower.

    Characters & Jiggies

    I was thinking a this kind of characters came to me:

    -A Director guy that asks you for find and defeat a group of baddies dressed as rare characters around the diferent world-themed sets saying that "those costumes dosen't match the "movies"". (My ideas for costumes and locations: A Conker dressed baddie in the HBM set, a Horstachio dressed baddie in the WWW set, a Cinder or Glacius dressed baddie at Freezing Furnace set, a Juno dressed baddie at the BSB set, a baddie dressed as the main characters from ghoulies in the DMD set)

    -An Animatronic Gorrilla that ask you for something in enchange for a jiggy (I dunno what9. Kazooie would comment something like "But I hope you will not throw barrels at us"

    -Another director at the theatre set that asks Banjo and Kazooie for help since Grunty is pushing him to do a "Grunty's Witch School Musical". So banjo has to climb to the top of the set and destroy something for get a Jiggy.

    Sooo...what do you think?

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    Idea for a Secret World.... Empty Re: Idea for a Secret World....

    Post  Viku on Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:49 pm

    Something new I would add: The Boss battle

    I had the most marvelous and most hilarious idea I could think of for the last boss: GRUNTY & FESTER!?!

    Calm down, before panicing you must remember that this is a secret world opened by the SNS so it would not bother the main storyline.

    Grunty would be the boss while Fester helps them from afar. Well, since this whole secret world would be a movie lot, Grunty would appear inside a abandoned movie set and, by the magic of rubbish trasformation sequences, she would get some kind of ridiculous sentai-like costume (like the Power Rangers)

    Ultra Grunty
    Defender of Hate and Un-justice

    She would attack Banjo & Kazooie while energy beams, bombs with bad explotion effects and fly around while doing arial kicks thanks to a rope that lifts her (whitch Fester moves around).

    It would be wonderful AND hilarious!!

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