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    The Stop N Swop Thread


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    The Stop N Swop Thread Empty The Stop N Swop Thread

    Post  Viku on Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:05 pm

    Since someone has to make a thread about it. I will step in with my ideas for the SNS!!

    In case you don't know, We will use the SNS items as the way they were (or supposly) collected in Banjo-Kazooie...the only diference being that this items will be hidden in our brand new worlds. I say that Bright-Star belt should have a zone that would work as the "sandcastle" of this game. maybe a Big Hi-tech computer with a big keyboard. it would be useful for get a Jiggy in the world as well, but also for unlock SNS.

    Here are my ideas from where we could hide 'em:

    -Ice Key: In Freezing Furnace, for obvious reasons. maybe hidden visible behind an ice wall like in BK.
    -Red ? Egg: Dutchman's Domain. Inside a big treasure Chest in the "Hub Ship" that can't be open until the SNS code is inserted
    -Blue ? Egg: Bright Star Belt. Once the SNS code would be introduced, a secret small spacestation would appear in the world with the egg inside.
    -Yellow ? Egg: Wild Wired West. Some big Bull Skull ornament at some place of the world would have the egg floating above one eyeonce the SNS code is inserted
    -Green ? Egg: Clash Blade Castle. Behind a Picture in the Castle. Once the code is inserted, the picture would be move to the side revealing a secret pathway to the egg.
    -Pink ? Egg: Gummi Bear Gorge Inside a Jelly desert. once the SNS code is inserted, the jelly would be gone, free for eggtakin.
    -Cyan ? Egg: Ballistic Bedroom. At some part of the world could be a set of fake big SNS Toy Eggs like an ornament in the hughe bedroom place, but once the code is inserted, the Cyan Toy Egg would be repleaced by the real SNS Eggy.

    Now each Egg should give an special prize once the item was used at certain places (The Key: At a closed Icy Museum in Jiggopolis The Eggs= At Grunty's lair thanks to an BKP wacky idea). I has been thinking about some of the prizes:

    -Ice Key: The Key would open the icy gates of the Developer's Museum. A Museum full of the concept art, beta things, scratched designs, ebemies and other stuff.
    -Red ? Egg: I was thinking that this could give banjo a special Mr. pants costume XD
    -Blue ? Egg: I dunno
    -Yellow ? Egg: I was thinking that it could unlock some new tribal-Volcanic World. We could even call it Mount Fire-eyes for good reference.
    -Green ? Egg: Dragon Kazooie. (Dragon kazooie with Ghoulies graphics....AWESOME!)
    -Pink ? Egg: I dunno
    -Cyan ? Egg: I was thinking that it could unlock another secret world of my creation "jiggywood". see my "Idea for Secret World" thread for information.
    all the things here are of curse debatable and not the official prizes and locations (except theKey's prize...that was decided long ago). So post here your ideas for the Stop N Swop...

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