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    Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)


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    Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)

    Post  B-Kpianist on Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:52 pm

    Here's this weeks goals:

    Everyone (here):
    Get the people from the team to join the forums

    Everyone (not here):
    Join the forums

    - Finish writing the Music for Gummibear Gorge & Gruntropolis Battlefield.
    - Work on Miscellaneous pieces of music (this'll probably be a goal every week)
    - Continue writing the script for the intro w/ other scripters
    - Find another Programmer (StevetheMaster maybe)

    MetroidHunter26 (temporarily absent)
    - Start & Finish Logo
    - Start helping with Design Template

    - Come up with Minor Characters and/or more baddies
    - Work with other concept artists'
    - Continue writing the script with B-Kpianist

    Abysswarrior (aka Kingpaco)
    - Brainstorm

    - Get anywhere from 2-5 props done for Miscellaneous worlds
    - Extract the UV's from each

    - Join the forums
    - Try to finish ripping the nuts & bolts models
    - Help B-Kpianist find programmers (At least 1)
    - Help B-Kpianist pick an Engine to run the game on
    - Texture however many models SnsSeeker Gets Done (work along with StarFox260)

    StarFox 260
    - Help with Texturing SnsSeeker's Models

    - Come up with more characters and/or baddies
    - Work with Qwazin on the Storyboard

    - Start working on the intro storyboard

    - Join the forums
    - Start working on the lego city for Ballistic Bedroom

    - Work with B-Kpianist & Cooki-Cooki (when he joins) on picking a good engine (Maybe PATHEngine)
    - Get first test game hosted (Try YoYoGames I think you can host it there)

    - Join the forums
    - Work on Spiral Mountain a bit
    - Help out with other modelers in whatever way you can

    - Make some concepts for Ballistic Bedroom
    - Help other concept artists' in whatever way you can

    - Help with script

    These have been posted in advance. Lots to do- so try your hardest! If anyone want's more specifics at any time, feel free PM B-Kpianist.

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    Re: Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)

    Post  rarefreak99 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:38 am

    You forgot my goals again -_-

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    Re: Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)

    Post  SnsSeeker13 on Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:35 pm

    What concept art should I work off of?

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    Re: Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)

    Post  abysswarrior on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:58 pm

    i have been trying to think up some ideas for BB but nothing is coming up :/

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    Re: Week 2 Goals (March. 2. 2009)

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