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    Post  B-Kpianist on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:21 pm

    Notes to all 101 pages of RWP (thanks Brawler!):

    So she'd start in her original form, then she'd start to lose her body once you destroy 1/2 of the spell, and then at the almost done point of the game, she'd be bones like in B-T, and then at the end, you defeat her, and she is once again a head. (P9)
    End of game:
    "Once again beaten by some dolts, but just you wait till Nuts and Bolts!" (P43)
    so I guess fester will build her a robotic skeleton and Grunty will then proceed to steal the crystal jiggy and turn herself into her beautiful form from BK. after that, she will spy on banjo's conversation divulging crucial details about the crystal jiggy. After spying, she will start to revert to her classic BK form. Over time she will continue to corrode into he BT form. Then in the final battle, she will summon the power of the crystal jiggy for an all-out assault on banjo, and she will harness the power of her cyber body as well. Once defeated, she will fall from the tower, changing from beautiful grunty, to BK grunty, to BT grunty, to Gruntyborg then her cybernetic body will shatter upon contact on the ground, leaving her as just a head again. (P62)

    Mumbo- transformations
    Humba- ?
    Klungo- potions or gadget seller
    Dr. Mole- possible gadget seller
    Bottles- main move tutor?
    Jam Jars- [Cameo?] (P34)

    (Dialog has been moved to the "Script and Story Thread")

    Scrapped Level: Snow World
    - I am thinking I a going a bit overboard with character references, but I might as well throw them out there anyway. Boggy, Biggafoota, sabreman, Wozza, the ice cubes enemies from BK, and a list of others have potential to show up here
    - the entrance should be near the opening to the cave system, however Banjo will not be able to exit due to a massive blizzard.
    - A group of spelunkers could be exploring down there, for treasure or something.
    - I have imagined this area having huge elevation changes between the entrance and the far end of the caves. for example, to the left of the entrance, you could have a path the constantly moves upward, to the center could be a little path that drops down later on and to the right you could have a path that drops down right away.
    - There should be a series of small caves in which you will have to go through for some jiggies.
    - There should be a river that is frozen to begin with. You should have to somehow to take out the top layer of ice and use the river to access a cave where I imagine you fighting the boss. The river should wind through most of the cave system.
    - I can see the boss as being some octopus like creature with googly eyes. My idea for this is somewhat derived from the creature in the mines in the first lord of the rings movie. I am doing a bit too many references too. I really should start thinking up more original ideas
    - my idea for common enemies were little snow sculpture creatures, which rather then being a full sculpture, are just pieces. For example, one would only be a set of legs, with googly eyes... ok a best not say where, but I think you get the picture.
    - Gobi could appear here as well. The castle is probably the best place for him to start out, since I have already set aside a location for him and everything. Like in the first two games, he should appear in several levels. If he appears here, I was thinking he could be frozen in a block of ice or something. Having taken shelter from the cold on his way to [insert level here {Banjo Beach?}], he stopped in here and was eventually frozen solid. Afterwards, Banjo proceeds to beat him up...again
    - the spelunkers would most likely be some kind of animals. I was thinking there would be a white tiger, an arctic fox and a penguin, or something along those lines
    - like the snow enemies I mentioned before, there should be small ice and rock craters. One enemy I was thinking of was something similar to the icy weapon smash bros. with googly eyes, arms and legs. It would act like the ripper enemy from Banjo and hide in the ground until you get too close. (P31)

    Dutchman's Domain:
    -If you jump into the water from either the islands or the ship, snacker will attack you. The islands would be close enough to allow banjo to swim between them and the ship, but it would be far more risky.
    -One of the jiggy challenges could involve gaining access to cannons inside the ship, which upon entry would fire you to one of the islands depending on which direction it was facing. I compare this to the flower cannons in Cloud Cukoo Land. They would allow for safe crossing from the ship to the islands. Something could also be stationed on the island to help you get back.
    -each of the islands could have jiggy challenges, which could have been assumed
    -there could be one cheery island and two darker ones. A jiggy challenge could be stopping the guys from the bad islands from invading the good one.
    -Note: the idea for the 3 islands came from the 2nd Pokemon movie, which was thinking about for some reason. The only true similarities I can see though as the fact that there would be 3 of them.
    -Note: I kind of compare this idea to RBB. Most of the level takes place on the Rusty Bucket, but there are outside parts as well
    -we could bring over some of the ideas from Mumbo's Jungle and Tooty-Fruity Jungle to the islands, of course they would be more scaled down. One that I wanted to bring over was the docked or wrecked pirate ship hunting treasure (with reference to Treasure Island). The fruit characters could also serve as enemies/friends
    -I can only imagine the design of the ship, and it looks magnificent in my mind. Since it is gloomy galleon as of now, we should add a rain cloud above it and other things to make the atmosphere a little darker
    -(another reference to treasure island from before) one character should be marooned on one of the islands, and that character should be the one to tell you of the others searching for treasure (P47)
    Jiggy idea- one jiggy should be located in the crow’s nest. The masts and wiring of the ship look very fun to climb up. Since there is so much that you could climb there, you could try to find your own path to the jiggy. I was also thinking there could be flight pads on the island (you would have to do something access them though, like how you had to kick the bolder in Mayhem Temple with the Golden Goliath in BT), so if you wanted, you could just fly up there and grab it. Also, we should have neckies and crow make cameos from DKC2

    The Floor That Rocks (Floor 5)
    This is a Floor where everything is rocking and swaying constantly. Getting through this floor is a challenge all on its own. You'll constantly need to be dodging things that are falling from cabin to cabin, such as knives and swords. There are notes that line down the halls, and a jiggy sitting in one room. (P49)

    Captain Blackeye!!

    Yes. He will claim that Fester gave him the cure for his seasickness and now wants to destroy the bear who stole his glory.

    -He would attack from his ship with Cannonballs and green pirate spririts (like the typical small enemies on a boss battle) while Banjo and Kazooie are on a floating square of wood.

    -then then ship would get closer and while Black eyes enters the ship for re-load the cannons, Bear and Bril would get to the deck using the cannons as plataform.

    -On the deck captain Blackeye would reappear and attack with his sword like a maniac. after a while he would stop for catch his breath, open for banjo and Kazooie to hit.

    -After being hit he would attack with a gun (like the ones some pirates uses) that works as a flamethrower and start to spin in place, so Banjo will run around the pirate till is flame attack ends, then blackeye would attack with his sword once again.

    -after the second hit, he would throw banjo and Kazooie back the the wooden plataform and the whole thing would repeat. dodge attacks-get to the ship-dodge sword slashes-hit-dodge fire-dodge slashes again-hit-back to the wooden plataform ((but of course, the amount and speed of the cannonballs,slashes and the speed of his spin with the flamethrower gun on would increase)

    -After six hits he would be defeated... (P96)

    Scrapped World: Mumbo Jumbo Jungle
    - I would like to see conga and Chimpy here, that is if we don't find another role for them
    - a Tarzan-like character could appear here
    - I don't know exactly what to do with these yet, but I was thinking about having a tribe of small creatures involved. The best fit would be small pigs/ warthogs (pig-mies). They could be used as enemies, similar to the enemies in mumbo's mountain or they could be used as good guys whom you have to help, or even both, with some sort of territorial feud going on or something.
    - Slumber could possibly appear here
    - Sabreman could potentially appear here as well (i have never played one of his games, but this project is probably going to have plenty of references to other works by Rare anyway)
    - I can see tree houses being involved somehow
    - the landscape would be littered with trees of course. I think there should also be a waterfall and a river that connects to an ocean and small beach at one end of the level.
    -There could be a pirate ship docked at the beach and a group of pirates could go into the jungle in search of treasure. The reason I mention this is because of one of my favorite movies from my childhood, Muppet's Treasure Island. This is actually where I got the pig tribe idea from too. Who knows, maybe they marooned captain blubber on the island. (P29)

    Gummy Bear Gorge:
    - There should be a ginger bread house somewhere here
    - this didn't initially involve candy, but we could do something along the lines of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for this. If we could candy it up, I think it would work well. Example: the beanstalk could be a jellybean stalk
    - gummis should be involved for sure. We can have gummi worms to go with the gummi bears, among other things
    - licorice forest, I probably butchered that spelling
    - the clouds can be made of cotton candy.
    - The chocolate river, as was already suggested.
    - There should be chocolate covered flibbits, in reference to Harry Potter with the chocolate-covered frogs
    - The ground should be multicolored to add to the flavor of the level. (P21)
    The house in the pic you [B-KPianist] drew could be the giant’s lair, which is a branch off the jack and the beanstalk idea I mentioned a while ago. Once again, I will mention that it could be a jelly beanstalk and we could of course candy the story up. One of the characters in this level could be based off jack, and he tells you of a rumor of a "jiggy-laying chicken". Banjo somehow plants the magic jellybeans and climbs the beanstalk to the clouds, where he fights with some candy giant.
    -The cotton candy cloud area should be like an entire second layer for the level, circling most of it. I think ruinhero was the one to mention ice cream being in a level, so we could somehow bring that in here as well.
    - Mini game idea- there can be some point where a creature asks you to help him get rid of his cavities (similar to chompa from BT when he asks you to get rid of the viruses in his belly). You could either stand outside his mouth and shoot the plaque as it attacks his teeth or you could go inside his mouth to take care of this (note: i got this idea from the concept art contest when someone suggested a level taking place in grunty's mouth)
    - the hansel and gretal idea: you could go inside the ginger bread house to find gretal in a cage and hansel chained to a wall eating sweets. I was thinking it may be possible to add a third child role in here and make the boggy children the victims of the witch. This could potentially be a boss battle situation, but I would like to save that for the giants house, unless you want to combine the ideas making it a giant witch up in the clouds intending to eat Boggy's kids or something to that extent.
    - Transformation idea: I don't know what animal could be used, but I was thinking that the ability of the transformation would be to eat through certain piles of candy and candy walls. This would be a good way for banjo to enter the ginger bread house and he could enter walls in the "explorable" gorge. a series of tunnels could be used to make this whole area even more of an innuendo (P45)

    -Tooty is in the candy level. She's overweight and it explains where she went in BT.
    -You race Mr. Fit to where Tooty is
    - You go and find Mr. Fit and take him to Tootie. You might have to race him and if you win he will help Tooty
    -As she leaves she mentions opening a fruit shop or something to be more healthy.[/list]

    WinkyBunion World:

    baddies: gruntlings? potions that attack you? broomsticks?
    missions: maybe go through different family members' rooms
    level layout: is it just a house or mansion or a themepark like witchy world? (P61)

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    Part 1 Continued...

    Fester & Co. Laboratories:
    - There should be a room with a fully mechanical version of fester that you have to fight
    - There should be blueprints all over the place, maybe a few [Nuts and Bolts] cameos?
    - The Music will be an extended version of his theme
    - The actual battle with Fester should take place in a mechanical room/arena type place
    - The exterior area should be a mecha/electric theme with mechanical statues of himself
    - There should be a room all about himself (he is stuck up and conceited remember?)
    - There should be several sound effects, like the ones you hear in the aliens ship Atlantis
    - One of the enemies in this level would be generic humanoid rats in lab coats (lab rats), I was thinking he could attack with some sort of handheld laser gun which causes different effects to banjo upon contact. I was thinking it could cause reverse controls, slow movement and other things to hinder banjo's performance. Then they could go and try to hit you with these phaser things. the effects would likely be randomized, hence why they are somewhat similar.
    - one of the enemies should be a hybrid creature, who is pieced together from pieces of DNA from old banjo series characters. One could have a conga head, a Sir Slush arm, a Trunker base, a Slappa hand, and a boggy torso. This is just an example off the top of my head.
    - There should be areas designated to different scientific studies. You could have a central area, a weapons section, and creature cloning/research section and whatever else we think of
    - Frankenstein monsters could be enemies here as well.
    - at the end of the boss battle with fester (if he is the boss) should see him change back into a rat, thus explaining why he does not appear in N&B
    - maybe the potions idea from earlier could be implemented here. You complete certain mini tasks, and special potions appear. They would do things like mess with his size, turn invisible and whatever was mentioned in the last few pages about it.
    - It would be cool, since this is a primarily interior based level, if we added an air duct system for further exploration. Some rooms would not be opened initially, and you would have to crawl through the ducts to open them from the inside and complete the jiggy tasks (P36)
    it is weird...while reading your ideas for the alien ship i realized how similar that and the fester & co. labratories sounds. because of this, i was thinking we could make the lab more focused on robotics than the all-around experiments that we were kind of looking at earlier. the cloning center and the testing lab sound a lot more suited for the aliens, so how bout it?
    and if we have some sort of experimental center in the lab, we should totally have an alien escaping like it is area 51
    does this make sense to you? i kind of rushed through this cause i am about to go to bed. your suggestions sounded like they will surely work by the way
    And yeah, I was even thinking of changing the name from fester & co labs to fester factory (since right after we finish this game, we're starting our own game as him as the main villan). Though I would like to add a chemistry type room. Now that I think of it, we haven't really discussed fester labs have we? (P60)

    Bright Star Belt:

    - I am still pushing the race across the planets. This would be a nice place to race Mr. Fit or... (Shudders) Canary Mary
    the only problem [that] I had with Canary Mary is that she was so damn hard
    - the aliens from BT of course would show up here
    - New alien enemies would show up, another one I am thinking of is a green little alien creature that jumps out of craters and bites you. I thought it could look similar to the twinkly muncher and the thing that bites you in the swampy area of Terrydactyl land but at the same time different. It would also have a lot of eyes.
    - a portion of the level should take place inside a rocket that has broken down (their mission is to drop all the unsold copies of Grabbed by the Ghoulies onto the sun seriously that is fun game though) and you can help them to get their rocket in working condition again.
    - There should also be a place called Jinjo planet that explains the weird looking little guys' origins. I don't know if you want to take that one seriously.
    - The guy from Jetpack should make a cameo appearance. Maybe you can help him in a game of Jetpack? (Imagine banjo in his place... firing eggs with Kazooie instead of lasers)
    About the rocket idea, maybe Clanker could have been turned into a rocket since the end of BK? (P13)
    -the majority of the level should take place on a big cool alien spaceship, with areas surrounding it that u can travel to (like small planets)
    -Each planet could have a theme like fire, ice, desert, etc. Just on a small scale
    -the alien ship will consist of 4 to 7 levels, each with some weird alien stuff going on
    -the aliens from B-T will re-appear and ask you to do something for them. -Unit 1: Departure/Arrival Unit
    The enter and exit of the space ship. Down here is stored all of the alien supplies (and a spare gadget laying there for collecting
    -Unit 2: Research Unit
    A strange floor with weird cloning chambers, alien anatomy posters, and other things of that matter.
    Unit 3: Technological Advancing Unit
    A full on technology floor with computers and weird alien stuff
    -Unit 4: Testing Laboratory
    A place with a bunch of stuff for testing experiments, dissection, and more.
    -Unit 5: The Control Deck
    The room with all the controls, this is were the alien family returns (P59)

    Ballistic Bedroom:
    An over-sized Children's Bedroom (Cloud Cuckooland Esque Sorta)
    - Building block fort/ building. Did you ever have those toy blocks with letters and numbers on each of the 6 sides when you were kids? Well this is what one of the buildings should be made out of. It could serve as a code chamber as well since you would be able to use the letters. you could push the blocks to form your cheat codes, neat idea huh?
    - Children’s slide play area. A small slide that little kids can climb on, I will try to find a pic later to show you what I am thinking.
    - Lego buildings
    - Enemies similar to the guys you fight around the block tower in DK64. They had walking dice and dominoes and things like that so we should do something similar. i was thinking walking lego guys and toy dinosaurs among other things.
    - a small T.V. and VCR (it has been ages since i have used one of those). Mr. pants can be on the tv and video tapes with references to other Rare works can be seen here. Did any of you ever get something stuck in the VCR? i didn't personally, but my parents always warned me about such a thing. I think Banjo should enter and get stuck in the VCR where he has to play some mini game to escape
    - possibly small theme areas like witchy world from BT (example: western, space, dinosaurs). Although that may be to0 similar to WW.
    - Possibly something having to do with rockem' sockem' robots
    - something having to do with army guy toys
    - gotta add the slinky.
    - Mr. potato head mini game? (P13)

    Seeing as how it is a bedroom, we should have a child's bed in here. I was thinking it would be a racecar bed, but then that could mess up my next idea.
    - Under the bed there would be somewhat of a "toy graveyard", where broken and forgotten toys gather. You could end up doing some sort of mission for them. I was thinking that you would help guide them through a maze of toys and junk below the bed to the outside where they would return to their normal lives.
    - If that doesn't work out, I thought there should be some sort of maze of toys
    - similar to the room with the stacks of boxes in Grunty Industries, there should be stacks of legos, blocks, boxes and whatever else we can think of to help further define the landscape. The floor would of course be flat, but we can put enough stuff on the floor to make the terrain a little less plain.
    - I still like the army guy idea. You could proceed through military like operations through the land of the toys and help them take bases and stuff. I don't think this one should be overused though, as the focus should be on other tasks.
    - I really got excited when thinking about this one. Did you ever play with Hotwheels cars? What we should do is have a point where you race in little cars along makeshift tracks made from all sorts of different environments. For example, you could start on a shuttle loop area and make your way to a prehistoric area, a jungle area, and whatever else we can think of. Maybe you could race boggy here? For that matter, the whole boggy family could be here, like how Mrs. Boggy and the kids were in witchy world. This could be a vacation destination for them or something? And the cars would look more banjo-y of course and less realistic. Here are some pics of what I am talking about
    -The boss should obviously be in the Toybox
    -I like the idea of going in the VCR. Maybe you see whoever is on the TV needs to be in the VCR. Maybe it should be a TV VCR Combo?
    -Tinkertoys? Does anyone remember those? There could be a makeshift Tinkertoy slingshot that will launch you onto the bed or into the toybox.
    -There should be a jiggy collected if you put in the contra code on a NES controller. Of course there will be a hint to that. (P15)
    1. Help a twinklie.. (Decribed earlier)
    2. Race someone in a toy car.. (Maybe Captain Blubber)
    3. Play someones Jigsaw game.. Like the puzzles in BT when you want to open a level.
    4. One could be on top of a fan on the ceiling and you have to turn of the fan to get it.
    5. Maybe there could be a sort of wrestling ring and you have to fight someone. (P93)

    HoneyBee Mountain:
    add a big flower garden somewhere near the back. The flowers will be huge like the hives though, which will make it act more like a forest/jungle area to banjo. You could make your way through by going on top of the flowers or you could go through the flower jungle where you would encounter some major character(s) in the level (ants maybe?). With this, bee banjo could also pollenate the flowers, which could be used for a minigame or something. The flowers would also reach up to ledges higher up on the mountain, helping banjo to scale it. (P55)
    -there should be wasps in this level as the main enemies
    It wouldn't be a Honeybee Mountain if you cant transform into an actual honeybee!
    You know what would be funny? If the boss turned out to be Tooty. You would go through the entire level thinking you are in the giant mountain with humongous honey hives, but once you get to the boss you realize that you have instead shrunk and Tooty does not recognize you since you would be in the bee/wasp transformation. Rather than it being a traditional "boss battle", you could try to avoid her from eating all the honey out of the mountain. (P56)

    ClashBlade Castle:
    -A Theater designed with a roman/Italian design ie. Statues, fire torches, etc.
    -A ballroom with a huge elegant chandelier and stuff
    -A garden area with stuff like flowers and trees and whatnot. (For the music ill probably do a remix similar to the music that plays inside the top of the CCW trees
    -I like the idea of fountains and statues, makes it elegant and castle-ish
    -Maybe an area for an archery challenge
    -Underneath the theater could be a dungeon of some sort
    -there could also be explorable areas around the top of the theater
    -if we do a battle, THE CHANDELIER MUST FALL!
    The door to the theater is locked and requires some form of item/skill/gadget (Skeleton key anyone?) to open it. After you do the required task to open the door a cinematic starts that shows Banjo walking down the center of the room to the stage in awe (or something close to it), looking around. After finally getting on the stage, the boss does something (jumps down or pulls a lever or something) and somehow knocks Banjo down a trapdoor on the stage (commonly used for character switch in theaters) and falls into the depths of the dungeon. He must then proceed to get back up and fight the boss and right after the final blow to the boss a cinematic occurs showing the boss standing under the chandelier. Banjo quickly takes notice and uses one of his gadgets/moves to knock the chandelier down, taking the boss into the dungeon through the floor and trapping him under the chandelier allowing you to go back to him and talk to him (similar to Weldar). (P59)
    Okay, I have an idea. I think we should ask Princess J to make a design of the "Winkybunion Family Portrait" to hang somewhere throughout the level. It’d be great; there would be Grunty, Blobelda, Mingella, Brentilda, and the parents! Now, if you don't want to do parents, it could just be the 4 girls, or it could have the parents’ legs and no face/body. (P7)
    -Main Boss of the level is a dragon. (P)
    Armor Grublin #1:
    -description- wears makeshift armor made out of scrap metal which has obvious welding seams on i. he wears a helmet that is too small for his head and it only covers the top half leaving the jaw exposed. his boots have no front end and his feet stick strait through them. he is also armed with a wooden sword.
    -attacks-a few swipe attacks with his sword and a few melee punches and that is about it.
    -strategy- although it looks tacky, his armor can take a little bit of a beating. a few attacks should do the trick though. his attacks and movement are very slow so he is easy to avoid.

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    Post  B-Kpianist on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:24 pm

    Part 3...

    Armor Grublin #2:
    pretty much the same as the first, except his armor consists of pots, pans, plates, and trash can lids among other things. it also stresses the tattered, make-shift look. he also wears a pan for a helmet.

    -description-a cannon with googly eyes. he is not opperated by another enemy and acts on his own free will. he will be\ stationed on the top outside portion of the castle with the archers, waiting to fire on banjo if he comes to close. they may also be on the field portion.
    -attacks- he gets angry, lights his fuse and shoots a cannon ball strait at you. kind of reminiscent of the kaptain k. rool DKC2 battle.
    -strategy- watch the fuse. he will also turn bright red for a split second when he sees you (showing he is angry). if he is firing from the castle, the best strategy is to stay out of the line of fire. when you see him get angry move as fast as possible cause he will pause for a second before he fires.

    archer (looks somewhat like grublin hood):
    -description- a grunt archer that fires at long range. stationed on the satle is their favorite place.
    -attacks-isn't it obvious?
    -strategy- stay out of their target range or run up to them quickly to take them out before they fire.

    lizard wizard (liz wiz):
    -description- a lizard wearing a cloak that casts spells at banjo. he would look somewhat like a cross between kadabra (pokemon), a kritter (DKC) and the mystic (kameo). he may also carry a spell book or a staff with him.
    -attacks-one spell would temporarily turn him into a frog (a nod to the cut BK minigame). another could be a fireball etc.
    -strategy- again it is best to hit hard and fast. some spells will take alot more time than others to prep so be careful when one of these guys is around (P79)

    - It can have the basic structure of an animal cell
    - There are tubes leading from on place to another throughout the cell
    - The baddies can be viruses, bacteria, etc.
    - I would like to take that one pic that zube posted into a full area perhaps
    - The tune would be deep (as in low instruments)
    - I think we could make the inside walls blue with cool textures like this or this
    - There could be stuff floating around like these weird things
    - There can be lots of tall walled areas
    - The place would be somewhat dark (maybe glowing- that'd be cool!)
    - The transformation could be bacteria or something of that nature
    - There could be an area that looks like water, but it's more of a goop/jelly kind of substance you can swim through (P72)
    anyway, i had a project when i was in bio where we had to relate all the parts of a cell to something else in the world. we could use basic exaples of this and twist them in a banjo-ey way. like the mitochondria (if i am correct) could be a factory and could literally look like a factory on the inside if you are to travel inside. (P72)
    that’s a really cool idea! It could be like pumping the life into the cell! and maybe a point in the level where it dies and the cell kinda turns off, and u have to restore power to the cell by a challenge in the factory (P72)
    the smooth endoplasmic reticulum gave me an idea... How about they're like blowing air out the tops and you have to make it across them by riding on the air? like it flies you up, and you have to get to the other tube, and so on? (P73)
    I was thinkin' because it looks sort of maze-ish then It could be a maze leading to the nucleus, where you fight the boss! (P73)
    enter a hotel on the mayor's face (P74)
    oh and i have an idea for the cell. there could be a section with nerve cells that send electric currents through them. and you have to balance on it and walk across to get a jiggy. however, when the currents rush through you have to jump and try to keep your balance when you land. (P74)
    Idk thought about a catepillar like enemy and his weak spot was like a throbbing section in the middle of his body. But if you didn't hit him early or missed the weak spot he'd split into more baddies. Kinda like a tapeworm does. (P75)

    maby we can make the city a bit more naturish. by that i meen trees, grass, bushes. of course it will still have that bright lights, glitzy style we were going for, but i think it would be cool to have the area surrounded by foresty area as well. i don't know how good that would look, but it would be cool if we can pull it off. (P81)

    Shop names: Honeycomb Republic (Spoof of Banana Republic)
    McJiggies (Spoof of McDonalds Mentioned in B-T)
    Humba Juice (Spoof of Jamba Juice & Innuendo! XD)
    BK Games (Spoof of EB Games) (P81)

    - There are hotels down the [Crystal Strip?]. (I’ll come up with original names later if you want to use this idea) Each hotel has a different theme. The theme represents the level within the hotel. We have a castle-themed hotel, a temple theme, etc. We could give each hotel a name that's banjo-y and represents the level at the same time. This'll make it unique; we'll see other characters checking in, walking around, maybe even include a casino!
    - Banjo and Kazooie are celebrities and they are chased by the paparazzi! The paparazzi are enemies in reality, we could make em like floating camera's or something
    - In order to avoid the paparazzi, banjo and Kazooie can buy disguises from a new character that sells em to you. The currency can either be notes, or we can introduce some kind of new currency
    - While you're walking down the street, you'll see several characters touring, going places, etc.
    - When you get enough jiggies to open up a world, you will be given a room key, with *insert idea hear* on it. You go to the elevator, and select which floor (it can be a pop up screen or something) and it takes you up to a floor, find the room number, and insert the key, and there's the entrance to the world!
    - It's a big city, and you're pretty much trapped in it because of Grunty.
    - The final level could be a hotel that looks like her lair or something. It's very expensive and fancy (surprisingly) and you must have a certain amount of jiggies to get access to the hotel. The battle will take place atop the hotel!
    - If you like exploring, don't worry, there'll be other parts of the city that you can explore. Alleys, side streets, and maybe even an old town Gruntilda (or w/e the name will be called)
    - [I don’t know] if the game system allows something as advanced as a day and night system, but I’d like that as a feature if we decide to change the hub. It'd be cool if it was a little more empty in the day, and certain things are or aren’t open, but then at night, it gets more lively! I know it's a lot like [Nuts and Bolts], but I’ve had this idea for a hub a long time ago.
    - The music could be kind of grand and big as well. Each hotel could have an old banjo song playing in the background while walking around the hotel! (P25)
    Another idea, if you plan to have a government official in this town, make conga the mayor (P27)
    Hey- and in the night portion of Crystal Strip, you'll definitely hear this song at one of the clubs. (P26)

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    Part 4...

    Possible World: Minjo Mausoluem
    It'd basically be a giant minjo manor. With minjo statue's outside, and evil schemes and tools layed around to get rid of jinjo's. The boss would be the Minjonator- the evil version of the jinjonator (kinda like that fairies and the anti-fairies from The fairly odd parents ). There'd be different colored jinjo's locked away in the basement- etc. We could either scrap a level and use this, add this as a level, or just leave it for our next game- or not use it at all if you guys don't like the idea. (P87)

    Nutty Race 1 (P4)
    Medieval Castle Main (midi) (P8)
    Medieval Castle MP3 (P18)
    Cauldron Crypt 1[Dungeon?] (P)
    Ballistic Bedroom Main (P)
    WinkyBunion World Main 1 (P8)
    WinkyBunion World main 2 (P)
    Banjo Universe 1 (P10)
    Final Battle (2?) (P)
    Count Fester’s Theme (P34)
    Final Battle (P)
    Grunty’s Battle Field(Name in Progress[?]) (P46)
    Ghostly Galleon 1 (P49)
    Icy Rock Cavern (P50)
    Ghostly Galleon, 5th Floor (P54)
    HoneyBee Mountain (P)
    Fester’s Factory (P)
    Ballistic Bedroom Redone (P52)
    Fester Factory 1 (P61)
    Music for Final Level? (P64)
    Greenwood Garden(Castle Level) (P64)
    Ghostly Galleon MP3 (P65)
    Final Level MP3 {Grunty’s Master Plan} (P65)
    HoneyBee Mountain MP3 (P65)
    Grunstropolis (P68)
    Eukaryote Opening {not working?} (P)
    BU 3(or something…) (P80)
    Jiggopolis Day Time 1 (P81)
    Freezing Furnace Redone
    Grunty’s Industries Redone
    Fire Level 1 (P90)
    Fire Level 2 (P92)

    -Beginning cut scene- it starts by explaining what has happened in the previous installment, like BT as the camera slowly climbs up Cauldron Keep, as opposed to the camera climbing down Grunty's lair in BT. it shows Grunty as a head on the top and she mutters some things. Then it transitions to the B.O.B. room, with Dingpot still there. the camera shows a small rat crawling around, and some how he ends up falling into Dingpot and transforming into a humanoid rat known as fester.
    -Final battle- I see this as a great stage-battle scenario, with Grunty assaulting you in different forms. Before the battle starts, grunty's skin should almost be fully corroded (corroding idea from BB123), so she should look similar to her BT form. At the beginning, Grunty could have stolen the jiggy, changed herself into beautiful Grunty to spy on the conversation that discloses info about the jiggy, and morphed back into BK Grunty. This is how she would discover the limits of using this power. Grunty has been using the crystal jiggy sparingly ever since to make sure she has the strength to destroy banjo and continue her plan to change the whole world like she did spiral mountain. When you get to this point, Grunty summons all the strength she has left to finish off banjo. The three stages I see here are; corroded Grunty, Andross-Grunty and BK Grunty. She manipulates the power of the jiggy to change between forms, and goes in an all out assault with spells on banjo in the final stage. When beaten, she falls off her tower (lets say it is a tower just for now) with a cool cut scene.
    The cut scene would go like this: she starts off falling once again, and as she is falling, she starts to switch between forms. At first, she is BK Grunty, and then she shifts to beautiful Grunty, then to corroding/ BT Grunty. at this point, she begins to lose limbs. Near the end of the fall, all that is left of Grunty is a head and a torso. when she hits the ground, the torso shatters, and she is once again left with just a head. Then other cut scenes would follow that. I couldn't think of a more fitting end with the ideas we have come up with. The image I have in my head for this is simply amazing. If we can get it to work, I will probably tear up with so much joy. I had more detail, but I will explain more later since this is already pretty lengthy. (P35)

    [size=150]End Cut Scene[/size]
    so i guess fester will build her a robotic skeleton and grunty will then proceed to steal the crystal jiggy and turn herself into her beautiful form from BK. after that, she will spy on banjo's conversation divulging crucial details about the crystal jiggy. after spying, she will start to revert to her classic BK form. over time she will continue to corrode into he BT form. then in the final battle, she will summon the power of the crystal jiggy for an all-out assault on banjo, and she will harness the power of her cyber body as well. once defeated, she will fall from the tower, changeing from beautiful grunty, to BK grunty, to BT grunty, to Gruntyborg then her cybernetic body will shatter upon contact on the ground, leaving her as just a head again. (P62)
    We should make it a parade in Jiggopolis! We can make floats for certain characters, and make the minor characters walk. It can be like the electric light parade from disneyland! (P96)

    - Mumbo made Tinjo's (Tin/Metal Jinjo's) because he got lonely and the Glowbos kepy making a big mess and can not help with cleaning due to the lack of arms.

    - The Tinjo's go missing (5 in each world) They need to be returned to Mumbo for a possible jiggy?

    - Someone makes a comment about the Tinjo's having no heart because the tin man from Wizard of oz had no heart. Mumbo might say "To give bear and bird something to collect." as a joke when Banjo/Kazooie asks him why he made the Tinjo's

    - The Tinjo's might have different coloured eyes. They will look like patched up metal? They won't look like shiney, polished metal but will easily look like a Jinjo. (P98)

    [size=150]Quiz Show:[/size]
    for the quiz show we should have something that combines the elements of the first one in a more unique way. what i am thinking is in the middle of the the room there is a game board. it would look similar to the game board from BK, but on a smaller scale. the object of the board game would be to move a small scale version of your characters (banjo and grunty) to some destination on the board. now that may seem to much like the first game, but wait until i get to the juicy parts. now each character would roll a die to see how many spaces they can advance. now there are two options here, we could:

    1. start with the wheel of torture on each turn. if the person answers the question or beats the minigame, etc. correctly, they would be allowed the dice roll and be allowed to advance. if they failed, they would be stuck for a turn. grunty would stack the cards here, giving herself easy questions in order to advance. or
    2. the wheel of torture could come in on certain spaces. so landing on a certain space would make it so you have to spin the wheel and determine your question, battle (maby arena fights?) or game. if you failed, you would have to move back spaces. if you succeed, you stay.

    i imagine the board looking somewhat like candyland. there are certain characters and special spaces that have certain effects. example: landing on tooty's space could give you access to a short cut.

    another thing we could do is have other main characters like mumbo and fester playing the game. if one happens to win before you or grunty, they will help whoever they wish to help

    this would be somewhat like mario party, but not the same obviously. this would also be great for multiplayer if we could implement it, even if it is like passing the keyboard back and forth. (P90)

    -Breegull Demolisher: The chainsaw-like move from the old Banjo 3 trailer. It could work as both an attack that pushes you fowars at greats speed but making hard to move to the sides till you hit something or crash on a wall, and also in special places where a little button pressin "minigame" appears and if cleared, kazooie opens something with the move (like in that trailer).

    -Egg Barrage: Banjo would spin with his backpack (like his standart attack when he is alone in tooie) while kazooie shoots eggs from it, attacking from all sides. Of course that would waste eggs faster.

    -Bird Climber: In special holes on walls or structures, banjo could plave kazooie there (getting her peck attached to the hole) and use her as an extra plataform for get to high places. (P87)

    Key move found in BKNaB Trailer (P)

    For the sake of sanity, I am prohibiting everyone from quoting this message in its entirety and posting the quote on this thread. Only I can make stupidly long posts... Wink
    DONE WITH THE NOTES. I'll create a topic in BL right now... this information is not safe for the public eye... *looks at Mysterio mysteriously*.

    This^ is the endpoint of my notes. And I'm sure that I'm still missing a lot of information(such as citations Very Happy ). 8-)

    Wow.... I'm gonna lock this topic so it doesn't get any bigger! ^_^

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