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    About characters & world-related characters (Old & New)


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    About characters & world-related characters (Old & New) Empty About characters & world-related characters (Old & New)

    Post  Viku on Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:06 am

    Since we have a thread for disscuss HBM characters. Why don't we have one for disscuss about any other character? About their looks, their locations, their roles. Take your brain here and give some good ideas!!!

    Here comes my ideas: (Most of them involving characters from THIS piece of awesome)

    -About old characters-

    -Humba Wumba: Since Mumbo is taking care of the transformations again, we have Humba without a role. So, I thought she could be the one that could sell Banjo the costumes that he could use for not being detected by the Jiggarazzis. We could make it fun and make her complain about her job and about not being the one in charge of the transformations. Also, showing her chage from shaman to saleswoman.

    -Jamjars: I don't think we should place jamjars in the game, but we could metnion him. In my concept art thread a made a design for the Spiral Mountain FM's radio Tower, so we can place it in the city so players could see where Jamjars is working (since I feel strange that out of the nothing there was a radio station for spiral mountain in N&B).

    -Jolly: He could work at a Saloon in WWW. In a beggining I thought that he could sell the costumes but then this western world came to be and gave me an idea...maybe Jolly went to work there for see the Cowboys!! There we have something innuendo-ish and hilarious!! He maybe can give us a jiggy for something or can open us a new area like in Tooie, but in bigger scale.

    Captain Blubber: Even if most of you will think that we should put him in DD...I say we put him in BSB for one reason: The saucer of peril. What better thing for a minigame challenge in a space world than the soucer of peril? So we could put captain Blubber dressed as a pirate as always, but with a space helmet. Also, we could do a tie-in with N&B at the end: he could appear at the ending flying in the saucer while exclaming his "wahey!"s, but suddenly the saucer goes BZZZ and smoke starts to come out of it...the it startes to fly all over the screen without control just to fly away into the sky. I thought in that because, if I remember correctly, Blubber says he arrived at Showdown Town because he crashed the saucer that would explain it!.

    -Loggo: I dunno where should we put it. But I think we should put him somewhere.

    -Boggy: We of course should put him in Freezing Furnace. Maybe we can make him appear in the fire volcano saying that he is working there as a miner in order to get money for his family, bu Grunty added to much work hours and he wants toleave. So banjo has to find a shortcut to the outside (since Boggy is too heavy and lazy for go the long way out) so he can escape and reward you with a Jiggy.

    Groggy, Soggy and Moggy: Since they didn't appear in N&B even if annouced...I think we should give them a spot with a newer look showing that they have grown up a bit. Maybe we could do something like in Witchyworld, maybe after Boggy is back home, the three kids go outside for find something for their dad's "Welcome back party". So Banjo has to find them, each one in diferent places of the snow part of FF, but they will not go back until finding something for the party: Food. Each one will ask banjo for some "exotic food" that banjo will have to get in another world. I have some ideas:

    -Groggy would ask for a Western Steak. So after talking with him banjo will have to get one in WWW from Jolly.
    -Soggy would ask for Pure Honey Syrup. So Banjo will have to get it from someone in HBM
    -Moggy would ask for a Celebration Cake, so banjo will have to go to GBG and get one.

    After the kids got what they want the will return to the igloo and give you a jiggy.

    -Bottles' Children: Googles and Speccy should appear somewhere and each one give you a jiggy for something. Like Boggy's kids, they would look a little older, also, we can make them comment about the relationship dificulties Bottles is having with his wife (hinting about why Bottles' family left him n N&B). Also, (since Googles can't carry a DK doll anymore) we could make two N&B cameos that would be small and would not mess with continuety: Speccy would have a Trophy thomas action figure and Googles a LOG Doll.

    Dumstick and Pipsy: If Tiptup had a spot in BK, why don't other DKR characters? Drumstick would be ina a little house in HBM and Pipsy could be inside a Mousehole in BB.

    -Tiptup: following Banjoboy's idea, we could put him in FF. Maybe giving a Jiggy.

    -Mr. Ville: I remember rare saying he would be back in N&B bigger and stronger after being flushed down Loggo, but we ended up having Silver Patch instead. So why don't we use that idea for ourselves? We could put him as a Mid-Boss or Boss somewhere.

    I will wait for some ideas and then I will post my ideas for new characters.....

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    About characters & world-related characters (Old & New) Empty Re: About characters & world-related characters (Old & New)

    Post  B-Kpianist on Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:34 pm

    All these awesome idea's and you think we don't want you with us? WHAT ARE CRAZY?! ^^

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